Weather: Are you prepared for it?

thunderstorm JHBWeather: Safety & security measures to keep in mind

Whether you believe in climate change or not there have been some strange weather anomalies during 2016. There has been a tornado in Gauteng and frequent flash floods that have claimed the lives of innocent people.

It is important that your Emergency Response Plan include a scenario that deals with Rain & Flood. What should happen at your site if there is a severe rainstorm and a flash flood at your site.

Consider the following:

  • What should you advise staff and customers during a storm
  • Encourage attendants and staff to wear raincoats
  • Be careful not to walk through flood water as you could be swept away or step on something that could cause you to trip, fall or injure yourself
  • Switch off electrical equipment to avoid sparks and damage
  • Switch off all breakers on the distribution board to avoid electrical shock
  • Remove hazardous materials to a safer location
  • Check any loose structures/fittings that could be swept away or fall off and injure someone
  • Consider how this will affect your evacuation plan and process

If you haven’t updated your Emergency Response Plan (ERP) this year, take some time and do so today. If you create a new scenario dealing with bad weather, rain, floods, etc. make sure you re-train your staff on this scenario and on what needs to be done.

Remember you need to hold Emergency Response Drills for each scenario at least twice a year.

Also ensure that this training is part of your Induction process. New employees are particularly vulnerable to emergency events, especially if they’ve never received any ERP training before.

Lastly, make sure you keep record of all activities such as:

  • Date and time you updated the ERP
  • Name, surname, race, gender and ID number of anyone trained on ERP

Most important of all, travel and work safely.

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