SSSM Client feedbackFirst, let’s hear from Fuel Retailers, what do they need?

“My team lose perspective on why certain tasks are important, and then start cutting corners. I need a system that keeps them on their toes.” – Pretoria Fuel Retailer

“My managers struggle to identify what’s important and prioritize accordingly. How can I help them to plan correctly?” – Durban Fuel Retailer

“Good management has a lot to do with habits and routines, and my team struggle to create the right ones. We need advice from people who have run sites themselves.” – North West Fuel Retailer

“I am new to the industry and I need help on everything.” – Vereeniging Fuel Retailer

“I need support for my team, but I don’t have the time to do it because I have other businesses that I also want to work on.” – Midrand Fuel Retailer

“I want to empower my managers to make decisions, but also give them the necessary support they need.” – Cape Town Fuel Retailer

Here’s what our clients have said about us:

“We will definitely reap rewards from this training program! Was great! And thanks to FUTURENT Consulting team on a job well done!” – Eastern Cape Fuel Retailer

BP Fuel Retailer

“I run a 700’000 litre a month site and a very disciplined team; FUTURENT has helped me measure my site against the benchmark and to identify gaps. Every question on the SSSM audit they did is critical.” – Johannesburg Fuel Retailer

TOTAL Fuel Retailer

“The Dealer training program has benefited my team tremendously. It helped them to understand the basics of managing a service station.” – North West Fuel Retailer

CALTEX Fuel Retailer

“It has been such a weight of my shoulders to be able to outsource things like Employment Equity and Workplace Skills planning, reporting and submission to you. Your support process through the year really helps me to have everything right when we claim.” – Gauteng Fuel Retailer

ENGEN Fuel Retailer

“FUTURENT Consulting has helped me to take control of my business and implement the right tools so that I can reap the benefits of being a business owner” – Gauteng Fuel Retailer

TOTAL Fuel Retailer